Cyprus is joint third within the EU for the highest share of fossil fuels in gross available energy at 89 per cent, far beyond the EU’s average of 69 per cent.

Cyprus, along with the Netherlands and just behind Malta’s 96 per cent, is in stark contrast to Sweden’s 32 per cent and Finland’s 38 per cent.

The data for 2021 was published by Eurostat on Monday, which found that while Cyprus ranks amongst the top three for fossil fuels it has also made steady progress in renewable energy – albeit from an incredibly low starting point.

Notably, Cyprus’ share of renewable energy sources was the fifth smallest in the EU.

The island began with just 0.019 per cent in 2004, sluggishly reaching 1.4 per cent 2010 and rising gradually to 3.4 per cent in 2011.

Steady bursts were recorded in 2015 (8.4 per cent) and 2020 (12 per cent).