The audacity of the Turkish Cypriot side knows no bounds, President Anastasiades said on Tuesday commenting on the renewal of the Unficyp mandate, which the north has condemned.

On Monday, the ‘presidency’ in the north said: “The continued ignoring of the existence of our state and the will of our people as well as the pillar principle of the consent of all parties for the functioning of the UN Peace Keeping forces in the Security Council decision, puts the existence of Unficyp in our country in question.”

It added that the resolution for the extension of the mandate for one year was approved unilaterally by the Greek Cypriot side, and that the relationship of the Turkish Cypriot authorities with the UN is no longer sustainable.

In his comments on Tuesday following the extension of the mandate, which used to be for six months and the north’s reaction, Anastasiades said: “For a lifetime, they are not just reacting, but acting against the rules of international law. Therefore, I am not surprised by their behaviour, if you only consider that in violation of the UN resolutions, they demand a change of base [for solution to the Cyprus problem], despite what was agreed at the top-tier level, despite the pile of resolutions, despite the condemnations by the ECHR. Audacity knows no bounds.”

Speaking outside an event to inaugurate the Famagusta district court, the president added that he believed the report on the renewal of the mandate reflects the claims made by the Republic of Cyprus and what is laid out in international law.

Meanwhile, reports suggested that the report alludes to the UN’s ambition to appoint a special envoy for the Cyprus problem.

When asked during a briefing, the UN Secretary-general’s spokesman Stephane Dujarric said: “It [the security council] urges the parties to come to an agreement so that the Secretary-general may appoint an envoy. From my reading of the resolution, it calls on the parties to come to an agreement. We are continuing our consultations on that and when we have something to announce we will and then it will be clear under which framework it is done. But it remains foremost on the mind of the Secretary-general.”

Since the collapse of talks in 2017 and the last envoy Espen Barth Eide’s departure, UN Secretary-general Antonio Guterres has not appointed anyone to the position.

Also weighing in on the adoption of the security council resolution, the Cypriot Permanent Representative to the UN Ambassador Andreas Hadjichrysanthou said that they welcome the decision.

“The unanimous decision of the Security Council without any disagreement, is indicative of the support provided by the Security Council to the agreed solution basis. And this is reflected in the resolution,” he said.

He added that they would have liked to see stronger wording regarding the issue of missing persons.

“We would have liked to see a more powerful wording considering that the issue of missing persons is purely humanitarian. There is a stagnation in the numbers of missing persons located and this is evident in the figures of the Committee on Missing Persons. We would like to see a stronger message from the Security Council to speed up the process for resolving this problem,” he said.