The cost of the presidential elections is estimated at €7 million based on the appropriations included in the interior ministry’s 2023 budget.

This was up from €5.2m for the 2018 presidential elections.

According to the budget details, the largest single expenditure is overtime for election staffing, which will cost €2.3m this Sunday and €1.95m for the second round on February 12.

Security and police costs will come to €900,000, rent for polling stations and counting offices will come to €100,000. Some €150,000 has been allocated for printing.

An amount of €500,000 was included for the publication of electoral notices and newspaper advertisements, €280,000 for a campaign to encourage voter registration and to reduce abstention, while an amount of €250,000 was budgeted for IT and the production of graphs.

Some €50,000 was also included for expenses related to the public works department for various constructions and signage, €50,000 for the department of electromechanical services and €100,000 for stationery, stationery and other consumables for election officials.

Around €300,000 was allocated for the cost of overseas polling centres and €50,000 for unforeseen expenses in general.

The interior ministry said the cost is higher than 2018 due to the significant increase in prices, services and the salaries of public servants.