The labour ministry’s labour inspection department on Friday said it found no labour violations during targeted inspections carried out at slaughterhouses islandwide during December 2022.

Checks were carried out in two businesses, where 10 employers were identified.

The total number of employees identified was 109 (94 men and 15 women). Of the workers, 12 were Greek Cypriots, six citizens of the European Union and 91 foreigners from third countries.

All the workers identified were registered in the Social Insurance system. No notice of violation was issued.

The purpose of the campaign was to raise the awareness of all those employed in these economic activities, regarding the consequences of undeclared work and non-compliance with the provisions of the relevant legislation.

According to the legislation, in case of detection of an undeclared person in the Social Insurance Fund, an administrative fine of €500 multiplied by seven months is issued, unless the employer can prove that the period of violation was shorter. If it is proven that the period of violation was longer, the fine is multiplied by the actual months.