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RES companies lambast government for electricity storage problems

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The Cyprus Association of Renewable Energy Companies (Seapek) on Thursday slammed the electricity provider and the government over the lack of preparation in the RES sector that was now leading to problems for consumers during a time of high energy costs.

The association was referring to a letter sent last week by the Transmission Systems Operator (TSO) and the Distribution System Operator (DSO) calling for a temporary halt to photovoltaic installations in homes due to the imminent danger of overloading the grid.

The current infrastructure could not absorb all the energy created by RES, they said. A temporary halt would give time to review longer term solutions, such as storage capacity.

The letter was sent to Energy Minister Nastasa Pilides who responded by calling it “unacceptable” and “panic-inducing”, and she declared the government had no intention of stopping the PV installation programme.

The association representing RES companies, in their statement on Thursday condemned the idea of halting installations and also criticised the authorities for their lack of preparation.

“The enforcement of the measure will prevent the further penetration of RES in the energy mix of Cyprus in a particularly sensitive period when strong increases in energy costs are observed,” Seapek said.

“Unfortunately, we can only point to the perennial inactivity and inadequacy to implement the energy planning of Cyprus in the last 15 years for the green transition, but also in not carrying out the terms of the mandate and objectives arising from the House legislation.”

This, Seapek added, has led to the forced disconnection of small photovoltaic systems in order to deal with the emergency created for the ensuring the stability of the electrical system.

It said the promotion and implementation of new measures with the use of obsolete technologies cannot effectively contribute to the orderly operation of the electricity system at the same time as emerging new technologies.

“For these reasons, Seapek makes a final appeal that this all be taken into account to prevent an impasse and to maintain the rights of consumers and to encourage the public towards the green transition through which the state itself will be able to achieve its energy commitments,” it concluded, adding that the association is ready to contribute in any way to a solution.

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