Horse trading over the presidential elections was in full swing on Wednesday, with social media awash with public announcements over who would support whom.

George Colocasides, who ran for president as an independent but only managed to get 1.33 per cent, said he would support neither Akel-backed Andreas Mavroyiannis, nor centre-parties backed Nikos Christodoulides.

“Both support a bizonal bicommunal federation and the continuation of the same policy in the Cyprus problem,” he said, explaining why he could not put his weight behind either candidate.

Additionally “they do not view partisanship as extremely problematic, which is something responsible for strengthening corruption.”

Christodoulos Protopapas, CEO of Hellas Sat, who announced he was running for president but eventually withdrew from the race also announced on Wednesday he would be supporting Mavroyiannis.

The Akel-backed presidential hopeful met with Achilleas Demetriades for a second time this week. Both had formerly vied for Akel’s support with Mavroyiannis prevailing. Demetriades gathered around two per cent support.

Demetriades said he had provided a list of questions to the two final candidates: Mavroyiannis and Christodoulides.

During a meeting on Wednesday morning, Demetriades thanked Mavroyiannis for answering the questions, and said he would examine them before announcing his decision. Demetriades specified he would announce the candidate of his backing during a press conference on Thursday at 10.30am.

Questions over who will be appointed finance minister Mavroyiannis’ election remained abundant, after he hinted the previous day he would reveal the name.

Mavroyiannis told reporters on Wednesday he “did not exclude” the idea of revealing who his finance minister would be. A day earlier, it was believed he would announce the name before Disy’s political bureau meeting, in a bid to sway reluctant voters in his direction.

This did not eventually happen, though his campaign team is focusing on sending out the message that Mavroyiannis’ election will not mean an Akel government return to power.

“Over the past few days, there’s been a lot of discussion about this matter (of who will be finance minister). I do not exclude this. As soon as we can, we will. Things must mature. The truth of the matter is I don’t exclude it at this stage.”