Larnaca port workers on Thursday ended a strike they had initiated earlier this week, after their employer agreed to temporarily rescind the layoffs of two members of staff.

The strike – which had begun on Monday morning – was called off at 3pm. The industrial action involved 17 people in total.

Kition Ocean Port – the company with the concession to run the Larnaca port and marina – agreed to cancel the sacking of two crane operators, who have also gone back to work.

It appears the firing of the two workers had been the last straw for the trade unions, in an ongoing dispute with the company over the renewal of collective agreements. Unions called the two sackings an act of vindictiveness by the company.

The company said it would still be sending the two crane operators a letter explaining why they were under consideration for termination. It said it reserved the right to lay them off in the future.

The strike was called off thanks to the mediation of labour ministry officials.

The stakeholders will hold talks next week aimed at resolving their differences.

In 2020 Kition Ocean Port got the concession for the redevelopment and operation of the Larnaca port and marine area – the largest infrastructure project of its kind in Cyprus.

The private investor took over development of the Larnaca port from the Cyprus Ports Authority in April 2022.

Larnaca is the second largest port in Cyprus, with a total area of 445,000 square metres. The port offers services such as handling break-bulk, dry-bulk, general cargo, roll on – roll off and oil and gas services.

It also accommodates cruise ships through its passenger terminal. The terminal is used as a transit and home port cruising with numerous destinations in the eastern Mediterranean.