Archbishop Georgios III said that regardless of the outcome of the election, the people of Cyprus need to come together and support the new president from Monday.

“As I said last time, I do not doubt anyone’s patriotism,” he told journalists outside his voting station.

“May God help the new president defend the rights of this country. I know he will face many difficulties, but let’s pray that God helps him and we must stay close to him as well, regardless of whom we voted for today,” the Archbishop said.

The Church itself with be holding elections next Sunday, for the next bishop of Paphos, a post left vacant after former bishop Georgios was elected the new archbishop on December 24.

Voting will take place next Sunday between 10am and 5pm, with a break between 1pm and 2pm.

Eligible to vote are Orthodox Christians over 18 and Paphos permanent residents, meaning they have lived in the district for at least a year.