Exit polls indicate Nikos Christodoulides will become the next president of Cyprus, giving him a clear lead over his rival Andreas Mavroyiannis.

Christodoulides’ campaign team erupted into cheers once the figures were announced, with people dancing and singing.

The CyBC poll gave Christodoulides 50.5 – 53.5 per cent, and Mavroyiannis 46.5 – 49.5 per cent.

Sigma’s exit poll showed Christodoulides could win by the highest margin, collecting 52 – 56 per cent, while Mavroyiannis followed with 44 – 48 per cent.

For the Omega exit poll, Christodoulides garnered 51.5 – 55.5 per cent of votes with his rival garnering 44.5 – 48.5 per cent.

In the Alpha exit poll, 50.2 – 54.2 per cent went to Christodoulides, while Mavroyiannis had 45.8 – 49.8 per cent.

Antenna’s exit poll showed Christoudoulides with 51.9 – 55.6 per cent, followed with his rival at 44.4 – 48.1 per cent.

Shortly before the results were published, Mavroyiannis was seen holding an envelope which he said contained two documents: a speech for either scenario on the outcome.

“We hope for the best and prepare for the worst,” he said.

According to CyBC, Akel cast its doubts over the exit poll results, saying they would wait for official figures.

Of the main parties, Mavroyiannis secured the official backing of Akel, while Christodoulides has the support of the centre parties. A fragmented Disy was invited to vote according to their conscience.