Four people were arrested in Turkey on Wednesday in connection with the collapse of the Isias hotel, during the devastating earthquake that killed 35 Turkish Cypriots staying there for a school trip.

According to Kibris Postasi, the four people responsible for the operation of the hotel in Adiyaman, Turkey were arrested.

They were named as Ahmet Bozkurt, Efe Bozkurt, Amine Bozkurt, and Sule Ozbek.

Meanwhile, on social media last night Turkish Cypriots started a campaign under the hashtag ‘let the killers of Isias be arrested’, which will continue until all those responsible are brought to justice for the incident.

One of the fathers, Enver Karakaya, who lost his daughter posted the hashtag and a picture of his little girl, Selin, saying: “You took my life from me.”

Another mother, who lost her son, said: “We will follow this to our last breath to seek the rights of our children.”

The ‘cabinet’ in the north also passed a decision to cut the salaries of Turkish Cypriot ‘civil servants’ and private sector employees in an effort to collect aid for the earthquake victims, which drew harsh criticism among the public.

Th young businessman’s association in the north (GIAD) said: “Any step that will necessarily reduce the income of the people will harm our economy and this will reduce the ability to help.”

The head of the public sector union Kamusen, Metin Atan also echoed GIAD saying that donations to relief in Turkey are an act of free-will and people should act voluntarily, not by government decree.

“We have doubts that the cuts to be made in line with our previous experiences will go to the right address,” he said.

Main opposition CTP said in an announcement that the ‘government’ should stop all extravagant expenses, such as the Islamic ‘government’ complex, Kulliye, and instead channel those funds into relief aid for Turkey.