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Kalavasos Neolithic settlement ‘virtually’ brought back to life

The virtual recreation of a house on the site

A second Larnaca archaeological site has been brought back to life through video and 3D visualisation, taking a journey back 9,500 years to when some of Cyprus’ first permanent residents established a village west of the Vasilikos River plain.

The project was carried out by the Larnaca Tourism Board in cooperation with the  Youth Makerspace Larnaca branch of Cyprus Youth Board (Onek).

“Kalavasos-Tenta follows the virtual reconstruction of the ancient port of Kition, and alongside the Neolithic settlement of Choirokoitia, is an excellent example of an early permanent settlement of populations on the island during the Aceramic Neolithic period (7000-5200 BC),” the tourism board said.

It said that the ancient ruins were virtually restored, and whole buildings appear with the enclosure wall that surrounded the settlement.

An example of the interior of a house is also presented, with focus on the rare decoration of a building, where two human figures with raised arms can be seen.

The video also refers to the daily activities of the inhabitants and their coexistence with the animals of the time, while archaeological finds from the area are also presented, such as tools, stoneware and jewellery.

The settlement of Tenta, like other settlements of the same period, was suddenly abandoned around 5600 BC. The reason remains unknown.

“In order to accurately implement the project, the excavation site was carefully studied under the expert guidance of archaeologist Alison South,” the board said. The department of antiquities and the deputy ministry of tourism were also involved.

Viewers can experience the 3D visualisation at Youth Makerspace Larnaca through the virtual reality equipment available at the premises.


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