The new developments in PDO specifications will widen prospects for the development of halloumi, the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce (Keve) said on Thursday.

In a written statement, Keve expressed satisfaction with the agriculture ministry’s decision the previous day to accept the request of the Cyprus Cheesemakers’ Association calling for the addition of halloumi in unfolded blocks, slices and burger cuts into the PDO (protected designation of origin) list.

This is a decision of great importance for the cheese sector, Keve said, highlighting its contribution to the discussion, and calling on all relevant stakeholders to join forces, towards the common goal of further developing the sector for the benefit of all those affected, and the economy as a whole.

The decision of granting the new forms of halloumi PDO status comes into effect as of Wednesday, according to Cyprus’ Official Gazette.

At the same time, the agriculture ministry allowed for several other changes concerning the PDO status for halloumi, namely the possibility of using fresh unpasteurised milk for the production of the cheese, as well as the now optional possibility of reheating the cheese curd to up to 40C during the production process immediately after the coagulation of the milk.

The changes are especially significant for the manufacture and marketing of halloumi since it paves the way for the increased export of larger quantities of the cheese.