“There are no winners and losers” in the presidential elections, president-elect Nikos Christodoulides said on Friday, reiterating that his administration would govern “for all our fellow citizens, for all our compatriots, for all Cypriots.”

Christodoulides, who was speaking on Friday night in front of his supporters at his campaign office in Paphos, said tradition was something to be highlighted and utilised more.

“If you forget where you began, you certainly cannot have a way ahead for the future. And Geroskipou is always on my mind,” Christodoulides, said mentioning that the house he was born and raised in was nearby.

The president-elect pledged to do what was within his powers to honour those who voted for him. “I know that many of you have honoured me with your vote,” he said, stating he hoped to make his supporters proud of their choice.

The real effort begins on the first of March when he officially assumes office, the president-elect said.

He noted that his talks with people had been the best part of his election campaign. “You helped me to understand, to learn the problems, concerns, and expectations of the Cypriot people for the governance of our country,” he said.

Christodoulides emphasised that his contact with the people did not end with Friday’s event, but would continue throughout his administration, as something beneficial “both for us and for society.”