The 23-year-old man who escaped police custody earlier this week on Friday surrendered himself to police headquarters.

Police said the suspect was arrested on Tuesday in connection with the robbery of two betting shops and a kiosk theft in Larnaca but escaped from the district’s CID offices later the same day.

After the incident, two officers were suspended while a police spokesman confirmed the man was not handcuffed.

At around 5.20pm on Friday, the man surrendered to police headquarters.

He is expected to be brought before the Larnaca district court on Saturday to be remanded.

According to reports, the 23-year-old contacted police headquarters and indicated that he wanted to surrender. Officers met the young man at the entrance of the headquarters, where he was arrested and was then questioned.

To locate the man, authorities had been questioning his relatives while checks were also carried out at the crossing points to the north.