A woman developed large bedsores after she was hospitalised for a month and her wounds remained untreated, doctor Marios Kyriazis claimed on Tuesday in another effort to show the “shortcomings” of the national general health scheme Gesy when it comes to elderly care.

The geriatrician, who last week complained about another patient who was left naked and uncovered on her bed at the Limassol general hospital, posted blurry photos on Facebook showing the pressure ulcers on another patient in the same hospital.

Kyriazis said the woman did not have the wounds upon admission, nor there was any mention of them by medical staff during her one-month treatment. Her discharge papers, suggesting she showed “significant improvement” also had no mention of any pressure sores.

Another “isolated” incident, the doctor said, noting that “the hospital seems to have not paid attention to them [the wounds], or any care, and did not mention them in the official document”.

Her daughter noticed the sores when she was taken to a different facility after her discharge.

Many other patients also had similar sores after their treatment at hospitals managed by the state health services organisation (Okypy), Kyriazis said, noting that he has many photos.

He also cited Okypy’s statement about how staff are specialised on pressure ulcers. “All these cases [of sore ulcers] are recorded from the first moment so the necessary care is provided.”

“This post is made to show the shortcomings of the system and to send a message to those in charge that these shortcomings need to be addressed and not just tolerated with excuses,” Kyriazis said.

Commentators, including health professionals, said those wounds are a result of negligence.

Some implied that this is why hospitals at times maintain strict Covid protocols that prohibit visits so relatives cannot see the negligence taking place.

On February 20 the same doctor published a picture of an elderly lady lying in a hospital bed naked, claiming she was yelling for help for around three hours and asking for water.

Kyriazis was accused of violating the woman’s privacy, but on Tuesday said he had written consent to use it, and also said he did for the new photo. “To all concerned: I have the family’s written consent for this post.”

An investigation was launched as to why the woman was left naked on her bed while Health Minister Michalis Hadjipantela said Okypy handled the case badly and “should have immediately apologised to the patient and family”.

Okypy had claimed that things are not as they appear in the photo which was taken “in an instant” and that its taking and publication violates the patient’s human rights.

Kyriazis refuted this saying Okypy was lying in an attempt to save face.