The well-known four-act existential play by Anton Chekov Three Sisters is coming soon to the island’s theatres, presented by the Cyprus Theatre Organisation. Translated and adapted into Greek, the play will premiere in Nicosia on March 24 featuring a 14-member cast.

Written in 1900 and described by the author himself as a comedy, Three Sisters is an existential drama about expectation, anticipation and loss of hope. It is set in a small provincial garrison town, far from Moscow, where the three sisters – Olga, Masha, and Irina – live together with their brother Andrey. Bogged down in the boredom of their everyday lives, they are trapped in recollections of a glorious past, making up stories and awaiting their return to Moscow, where their dreams can be fulfilled. As the future approaches, the possibility of change becomes more remote and their choices more constrained, while the dreams of youth dissolve, and excitement and passion for love and life is replaced by a sense of frustration.

In this play, Chekhov gives his characters the ultimate responsibility for their own lives. Inhibitions, fears, and inner intentions are betrayed not through what is said but rather through pauses, silences, hints and subtle humour.

With her modern directorial approach, Athina Kasiou recreates the Chekhovian universe for today, based on Eri Kyrgia’s new translation of an adaptation by Joel Horwood, and assisted by a superb team of distinguished creatives and actors.

Three Sisters

Adaptation of Anton Chekov’s play. March 24 premiere and every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday until April 9. CTO Main stage, Nicosia. Weekdays at 8.30pm. Sunday at 6pm. Extra show on April 8. In Greek. Tel: 7777-2717