Paphos police have made two arrests in connection with two armed robberies at two different kiosks in Chlorakas, authorities reported on Thursday.

According to police, after a first man, 27, was arrested on Wednesday in connection with the case, authorities found a second man, 26, involved in the matter.

Paphos police said that the 27-year-old had already been remanded into custody for four days, as per the decision of the Paphos district court.

A police statement said the arrest only concerns the second robbery, in which three people seem to have participated. Two perpetrators entered the kiosk, while the third one was waiting for them in the getaway car, which police said later had been found.

According to the complaint made to the police by the kiosk’s employee, aged 45, the two perpetrators who entered the premises while he was away from the cash register managed to steal a total of €2,100.

They had their faces covered and were holding bats. After robbing the kiosk, they made their way to the getaway car, which had its licence plate covered with tape, police found out after examining the footage of the kiosk’s CCTV system.

The driver, the 27-year-old, was eventually identified and arrested.