A Chihuahua had to be treated by a vet after someone threw a caustic substance, possibly sulfuric acid, on the pet, it emerged on Sunday.

Despite a statement by the Animal Party on earlier on Sunday that a group of boys aged 12-14 had carried out the attack, a report later said the culprits had not been identified yet.

The Animal Party said it had received complaint from a member of the public that a group of youngsters aged 12-14 had thrown acid on the Chihuahua.

“The dog suffered very serious burns and is in a veterinary clinic for treatment,” the party said.

“From what we are told, the young people, without any provocation, threw the acid on the dog while it was inside its own garden, which was enclosed,” it added.

The party said the boys had presented themselves at the Paphos police station, which is investigating the case.

However, according to CNA later in the day, police were still investigating the incident.

Police told the news agency that a complaint was made on Friday by the owner of the dog. According to the complaint the pet owner discovered the injury on the animal’s back, which appeared to have a deep burn.

Subsequently, the owner took the dog to a vet who said the injury appeared to have been caused by a caustic liquid, possibly sulfuric acid. The poet was treated for the burns. 

The owner  reported the case to police, who are investigating.