Deputy prison director Athena Demetriou will be seconded to the audit service, it emerged on Wednesday.

Spokesman for the audit service Marior Petrides told CNA they were waiting for the final approval from the public service commission.

Petrides added they had prepared everything to welcome Demetriou to their offices. He specified she will not deal with any matter that concern the justice ministry, so as to avoid any conflicts of interest.

She will be working in the technical audit management department and deal with matters concerning public procurement.

Demetriou was on the A13+2 scale when she worked as a senior prison officer. She will continue to be on the same scale at the audit service.

As far as the secondment of prison director Anna Aristotelous is concerned, Petrides said the audit service still had no information on the matter.

Aristotelous and Demetriou had resigned from their prison posts citing corruption allegations. The audit service had stated it would be happy to have them.