For many of us, when we hear the word “insurance” what comes to mind is “obligation” and “can you be bothered?”.

However, everyday life proves to us that we should not leave safeguarding our lives from various risks till later. The process of obtaining the right insurance plan can help us understand potential risks and, therefore, protect ourselves, our loved ones and our valuables, ideally in a manner that’s easy, practical and clear.

So, how can we identify the right plan for us?

Do your research: Evaluate and compare similar plans on the market, and make sure you choose a reputable insurance company on which you can rely. For example, General Insurance, since its establishment in 1951, has emerged as one of the largest and most reliable insurance companies in Cyprus.

Competitive prices and broad coverage: The charges on premiums should not be prohibitive, nor should coverage provided be inadequate due to the low prices at any given time. Read and understand exactly what your premium includes and take advantage of offers and special discounts.

Plans and services that meet your needs: Look for an insurance company that is continually improving its products, understands what’s happening in today’s world, and listens to its customers, thus offering seamless and excellent service.

In fact, now you can access your home and vehicle insurance with just a few clicks. The BoC Mobile App, offers you a seamless, quick and easy experience to search and purchase insurance plans at the lowest prices.

Enter your details, compare plans and get an instant quote.