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Rioting fans at basketball match set fire to offices and bus stop

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Fans at the Anorthosis-Apollon basketball semi-finals fought with police officers on Sunday, and set fire to a bus stop and offices following the match, the fire services reported.

According to authorities, fans began fighting with officers before the state of the match at Tassos Papadopoulos Eleftheria Stadium, when they tried to enter without a ticket.

Police said that they threw rocks at them, and in an attempt to restore order authorities used tear gas.

Following the incidents outside, police said that the rioting continued inside during the match, where the fans of both clubs began to clash with officers.

Police said that from the tear gas and rioting outside the stadium, fires were set to an office causing severe damages, and necessitating the intervention of four fire trucks.

In an announcement following the incident, the fire services said that due to the fire and the heat, the prefabricated building, which was used as Osel’s offices, suffered extensive damage.

In addition, a fire broke out at the same time in an adjacent bus stop, as well as in trees and waste materials on the same street as the property in question.

An investigation will follow to ascertain the causes of the fire, in cooperation with the police.

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