Beneficiaries of the grant scheme aiming to help displaced persons living in unsuitable buildings are eligible to an increased subsidy of €125 to temporarily move in with a relative.

The government on Wednesday offered an additional incentive to thousands of residents in dilapidated refugee estates to go and live with a family member while their building is under repair, after recognising the difficulty of finding temporary accommodation for beneficiaries.

Announcing the increased subsidy, the interior ministry said this aims to “encourage beneficiaries to take advantage of the option to stay with a relative,” and ensure the amount covers their share of the costs of the household that will accommodate them for the period specified in the scheme.

It added that the amount will be increased to €125 from €80 per month for each person on a case-by-case basis and per category of beneficiaries.

As part of the €130 million scheme, the decision was taken after assessing the input of stakeholders and the financial capacity of the ministry.

The scheme will also provide grants to people currently living in condemnable buildings and who choose to relocate to newly-constructed buildings, or alternatively subsidies for those choosing to opt out and instead rent in the private sector.

It was announced earlier this week as part of the government’s efforts to tackle dangerous and unsuitable apartment buildings currently hosting displaced people.