The inauguration of the new terminal at Ercan (Tymvou) airport in the north, has been postponed, reports said on Tuesday as Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan was due to open the new building.

According to a report in Yeni Duzen, the project has been ongoing for the past ten years, when the airport was privatised in 2013, and turned over to the Tas Yapi-Terminal Yapi and Kanerler groups. Since then nine ‘transport ministers’ and eight ‘prime ministers’ have served without the project ever being completed.

According to ‘transport minister’ Erhan Arikli the inauguration of the new terminal will have to take place after Ramadan celebrations.

Arikli blamed some of the works not being completed on the issue of electric company Kib-tek workers, part of the union El-Sen, striking.

“Considering the Ramadan holiday, we will determine a new opening date [for the airport] together with Turkey. The Turkish president will attend the opening,” Arikli said.

Commenting further to Yeni Duzen, air traffic controller Cem Kapisiz said there are many construction works to be completed.

He added that the electrical problems cannot be dealt with in a short period of time.