The introduction of a patients’ rights commissioner is among the demands of the Cyprus Federation of Patients’ Associations (Osak) to assure that no one is deprived of their health rights, the group said on Tuesday.

In a written statement marking European Patients’ Rights Day, Osak said it has joined forces with the state and Cypriot residents are now enjoying the multiple benefits of the general health scheme (Gesy).

The federation noted that it is on the side of all residents and assured that it is making daily efforts, in and behind the spotlight, to protect patients’ rights.

The road to strengthening patients’ rights remains a long one, Osak said, declaring that it will continue to fight tirelessly for the implementation of all the provisions of the Patients’ Charter and national legislation.

Osak then listed a series of demands that will help promote patients’ rights.

It said that promotion and modernisation of the 2005 legislation to introduce the institution of a patients’ rights commissioner is key for the safeguarding of patients’ rights. This will boost patients’ advocacy.

Furthermore, Osak supports the development of policies and the use of tools to monitor the implementation of patients’ rights. This will also ensure the health services’ quality and safety, the equal participation of patients’ representatives in the definition of health priorities as well as the education and empowerment of patients to participate in the management of their condition.

The federation also calls for the strengthening and shielding of public health through generous investment and reform initiatives and the implementation of modern prevention and culture change policies by strengthening primary care.