Paphos court on Wednesday remanded three people for seven days for illegally importing 5 kg of methamphetamine in portable foot spas.

Deputy drug squad chief Stelios Sergides said police is still on the hunt for one more suspect.

Speaking to CNA, he said airports, ports and private parcels sent to post boxes were the most common methods of importing drugs into the country.

“There are major efforts from all services to clampdown on this phenomenon.”

Sergides said on April 15, a parcel came through Larnaca airport from an EU country and was seized from the customs department. The parcel contained three foot spa devices, which contained six packets of methamphetamine. The drugs weighed 4 kg and 990 g while the parcel was posted under a specific name.

Members of the drug squad on April 18 waiting at the parcel’s postal address where three individuals went to pick up the package.

As soon as one of the individuals signed the documents after receiving the parcel, officers arrested him. The three were searched however when one resisted, he was arrested on the spot from preventing police from carrying out their work.

While questioning, the three denied any involvement. Investigations continue.