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EU swimming pool rules are guidance only

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The current outdated swimming pool legislation is ridiculous, unaffordable, unenforceable and lifeguards aren’t exactly hanging off trees waiting to be selected (Swimming pool law damaging Cyprus property and tourism, Cyprus Mail April 18).

The problem seems to be Cyprus has failed to accept an EU law but it’s not EU law it’s EU guidance… Guidance which Cyprus has not adopted and don’t have to as it’s not mandatory… But, whichever way you look at it… it’s put many people in a difficult position. They’ve invested heavily, they are unable to use a pool legally and this law has devalued property as a result… it needs to be resolved ASAP.

The knock on effect on future new build or resales in apartment complexes is very likely to be disastrous. Inability to sell without substantial loss, reduced tourism and conflicts between owners, tenants and holiday let bookings who will not be allowed to use the pool they thought they were booking or renting. So thousands of cases of mis-selling, by advertisers, estate agents, lawyers, online rental platforms etc etc. The potential for fines for everything is horrendous, not to mention the abuse received either way when told the pool is closed. The frustrating thing is, this could so easily be resolved simply by accepting and applying the EU guidance. Which surely has to be better and more appropriate than a 31-year-old law.


This petition needs to be kick started. We need to get to 8,000. Go to

Further I suggest that everyone who is currently impacted by this, including all those likely to be so, should write or email their municipality and contact the appropriate minister responsible for this matter, currently [email protected]


David Reiling,

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