A new case of fraud with the perpetrator impersonating a doctor is being investigated by police on Monday.

According to police statement, the case involves a foiled attempt to extort a large sum of money from an 85-year-old Famagusta woman.

As reported, around 9:30 am on Sunday the perpetrator contacted the 85-year-old by phone and told her that her son had been injured and was in hospital along with her second son, calling her children by their names.

The stranger then told the elderly woman that she needed to pay a sum of €77,000 for their medical expenses, adding that someone would pass by her house to collect the money.

The conversation lasted around one and a half hours during which time the woman received a visit from a friend, to whom she reported what had happened.

When the suspect contacted the 85-year-old again asking her to go to a specific clinic to hand over the cash her friend intervened, telling the stranger that this was not going to happen and ending the call.

Police are again urging the public to immediately report any suspected scams to the nearest police station, district CID, or by using the citizen’s line, at 1460.