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Opening new crossing points a possibility, says Greek Cypriot negotiator

Christodoulides with the Greek Cypriot negotiator Menelaos Menelaou
Christodoulides with Greek Cypriot negotiator Menelaos Menelaou

The opening of more checkpoints could be discussed as part of creating new momentum on Cyprus talks, Greek Cypriot negotiator Menelaos Menelaou said on Monday after President Nikos Christodoulides met with the heads of the bicommunal technical committees.

Menelaou characterised the meeting and the discussion as very constructive, saying that the president had the opportunity to be informed first-hand by the heads of each technical committee about their actions and initiatives, as well as problems they face and need intervention on to “move things forward.”

Christodoulides expressed his satisfaction for the information he received as well as the support and encouragement for the activity of the members of the committees which is done voluntarily.

Menelaou said that the president also signalled his will to continue providing the necessary support for their work, in the context of the overall effort, which also deals with the technical committees and their actions, as an integral part of the peace process and the effort to create the conditions for the resumption of talks for a comprehensive solution to the Cyprus problem.

Asked about the issue of opening new crossing points, Menelaou reminded that there is a technical committee that deals with the issue, in the context of which there is a discussion about issues that are faced at the existing crossing points.

“There can also be a discussion about the possibility of opening new crossing points. It is a matter that we can consider in the overall context that I have described, that is, of steps that are helpful in the direction of creating a generally better climate, helpful in trying to revive the prospect for a comprehensive solution,” he said.

He added that the UN will continue to support the process, and that visits from UN officials and Miroslav Jenca and Rose Marie DiCarlo will continue to revive the process.

Menelaou said that there is no visit by a UN official expected soon, but that they are also waiting to see what will happen with the elections in Turkey, to see how things will move forward.

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