Workers in Cyprus are struggling as increasing prices are eating away at wages, Peo union general secretary Sotiroulla Charalambous said on Wednesday.

During a visit to Hermes airport, she highlighted that Cyprus is at a critical point where the cost of living allowance (CoLA) is concerned.

The union has been invited to a joint meeting with employer organisations on Friday at the labour ministry, where the government is expected to submit a compromise solution.

The labour minister previously said the government’s proposal for a CoLA compromise would be ready by the end of the month.

“We are a few days away before international labour day and we are carrying out campaigns at workplaces.”

As part of the campaign, Charalambous said the union is trying to inform workers of their rights and pledged its support to help them fight for them.

“This message is timely because workers continue to face a host of problems. High prices are eating away at the employee’s income and one of our basic requests is to have a policy supporting workers and vulnerable groups from the challenges associated with increasing prices.”

Charalambous expressed her concern that the new government is not taking any concrete steps, but expressed her hope that VAT reductions for certain items will be implemented immediately.