The Cyprus Computer Society (CCS) presented the new Erasmus programme on a digital skills wallet during a recent award ceremony for IT student competitions.

The European project aims to develop an ecosystem supported by an online platform for Acquiring and Assessing Digital Competences using micro-credentials. It was presented by Maria Knae, Director of EDITC, which coordinates the project.

In a post-Covid era the need for digital skills is more imperative than ever, Knae said.

The idea behind the project is that one should be able to slowly acquire knowledge and skills, evaluate them and be able to display them.

She explained how the platform will allow learners to assess the five digital competency domains, earn micro-credentials and optionally store them in a digital wallet. They will also be able to further develop their skills by following suggested mini-courses that lead to the acquisition and issuance of more micro-credentials in a smooth and logical manner.

During the digital skills event, students from various districts were awarded for their participation in international and national competitions.

In total 11 students were honoured who excelled in the World Olympiad of informatics and the European high school Olympiad held in Indonesia in 2022 as well as the Balkan high school Olympiad and the Balkan informatics Olympiad held last year in Romania.

Another 15 students were awarded who excelled at the Pancyprian computer science and computational thinking competition BEBRAS 2022-2023, where 48 per cent of participants were girls.

More information about all the activities and competitions on digital skills, programming, robotics and technology can be found on the CCS website