Men who served the army in Greece are discriminated against in Cyprus where public service promotions are concerned, a report by Ombudswoman Maria Stylianou Lottides revealed on Thursday.

Poeple working in the public service get points connected to a number of things such as their education. These points then help them get promotions.

Male teachers who did their army service in Cyprus get extra points so they can be put on a level playing field compared with their female counterparts.

This is because when men serve the army they end up “lagging behind” female teachers of the same age, who can begin working and building up educational experience before men, the ombudswoman highlighted.

Lottides said she received three complaints over the matter that revealed Greek nationals – who served time in the army in Greece – do not receive any such points. As such, this puts them at a disadvantage.

“Taking into account the relevant legal framework, it appears that the complainants have been discriminated against on the basis of their European citizenship in the teacher promotion process, without any reason being given for different treatment,” the report reveals.

The ombudswoman highlighted all citizens of the EU must have equal treatment and this practice violates the equal treatment.

She called on the education ministry to “take the necessary steps that amend the relevant legal framework, with the aim of ensuring equal treatment of all those affected in procedures concerning teacher promotions.”