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24-year-old re-arrested for premeditated murder of Perikleous

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The body of Angelos Perikleous has never been found

A 24-year-old hacker was re-arrested in Limassol on Tuesday for charges of the premeditated murder of Andreas Perikleous, aged 31.

Police made the arrest after securing a written statement from his uncle, 71, that the hacker admitted the crime to him on April 21, while holding him at gunpoint.

The nephew allegedly woke his uncle up and pointing the gun at him, told him to help him burn Perikleous’ car.

The vehicle was later found at a shooting range in Paliometocho, Nicosia.

The 24-year-old allegedly admitted to killing Perikleous with a gun and then burying him, according to the uncle’s testimony. The suspect allegedly detailed to his uncle how the killing took place, everything which preceded it and how evidence was destroyed.

Though the suspect was initially arrested on attempted premeditated murder charges, his latest arrest is for premeditated murder – revealing Perikleous is now considered dead and police are looking for a body.

He was declared missing on April 22.

The 24-year-old is also facing charges in connection with car arson, conspiring to commit a crime, illegal possession of a gun and illegal possession and transportation of bullets.

Following the latest developments, the 24-year-old was remanded in Limassol court for a further eight days on Tuesday. Meanwhile, officers have scoured areas in Zygi and Tochni where Perikleous’ phone last emitted a phone signal however no body has been found.

Police also secured another witness against the 24-year-old telling someone he was planning to kill Perikleous as they had personal and financial differences.

The suspect had recently reported that in two different instances, the 31-year-old attacked him. In one of the two, Perikleous had allegedly robbed him of a €40,000 watch and €110,000.

Officers have obtained evidence such as half-charred clothes that Perikleous was wearing between April 20 and 21.

The 24-year-old is not responding to any police questions, court heard. His mother is expected to be charged in writing for collaborating to commit a crime after providing him with a false alibi and then be released.

Two men aged 50 and 36, who had been remanded in connection to the case were expected to be released on Tuesday following the legal service’s opinion.


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