Fifteen Turkish Cypriots remain in Sudan amidst calls for their repatriation, media in the north reported on Wednesday.

The group of Turkish Cypriots are working in a Turkish company in Sudan where armed conflict began last month.

An MP for the Republican Turkish Party (CTP) in the north has called on competent authorities to immediately arrange their evacuation as the press and information office in the north reported that the same politician has criticised the TC authorities on the issue.

The CTP MP also mentioned the issue to the ‘foreign minister’ Tahsin Ertugruloglu.

“Take off this private plane at last and bring these children. We are not the ones who will make these processes. These processes should be done by those who claim to be partners in the government,” he said, addressing the “government”.

He added that no “official announcement” had yet been made regarding the matter.

About a week ago, the Cyprus’ foreign ministry said the last Cypriot citizen evacuee from Sudan had returned to the island. This is understood to concern the 23 people of Cypriot origin, four of whom with a Cypriot passport, who were stranded in Sudan.