Investing in midwives will lead to healthier families, more productive communities and a stronger health system, the Pancyprian association of nurses and midwives said on Wednesday.

In a statement published on the occasion of International Day of the Midwife, which is celebrated on May 5, the association said that it “always acts with the aim of promoting partnership with women, the development and strengthening of midwifery as a profession and as a role, as well as the sustainability of midwifery, with the help of all stakeholders and especially all women”.

Healthcare lawmakers must understand that investing in midwives will have multiple benefits for society as a whole and the country’s economy, the statement said.

“This year is particularly important, as the international confederation of midwives will reunite for the first time in five years, as a result of the Covid pandemic and the related restrictions that had been set,” it added.

Also, in 2023, this day “honours the efforts of midwives and their associates to act based on research data with the goal to substantially change in the profession and the care provided to women and their families”.

Quoting this year’s theme, “Together again: from evidence to reality,” the association said it “recognises the evidence that supports the autonomous, separate and necessary for society, midwifery profession”.

All of the above, the statement finally said, “need be translated into full respect, autonomy and better working conditions for midwives and obstetricians, which in turn will improve health outcomes for women and their families”.