Firefighters averted a major disaster on Thursday as they managed to put out a fire that broke out near the villages of Monagroulli and Pentakomo.

The blaze, which threatened residential areas of the villages, forced the Civil Defence to take preventive measures and evacuate 15 houses.

According to Fire Service spokesperson Andreas Kettis, firefighters tamed the blaze but will remain in the area to prevent flare ups caused by strong winds.

The fire broke out at noon near the Limassol-Nicosia highway, adjacent to the exit of Pentakomo.

Kettis said efforts needed to be reinforced with two trucks lent by the Game Fund and organised volunteer teams are also being dispatched to the area.

Seven firefighting vehicles belonging to the fire service, four belonging to the forestry department and a tanker dispatched by the Limassol district administration were utilised in the efforts.

An aircraft of the forestry department was also flying over the land affected by the fire.

The blaze has only burned large portions of dry grass and wild vegetations. Nevertheless, people living in houses close to the affected area were asked to leave for firefighters to carry out their operations.