Investigations to find Angelos Perikleous, 31, continued on Saturday, police said.

According to witness statements, they said, the victim appears to have been killed by a 25-year-old suspect, currently in custody.

Limassol police spokesman Lefteris Kyriacou said: “So far, we have not had any positive results, but since the morning the searches are continuing intensively in certain areas, including Pentakomo, Governor’s Beach, Ayios Georgios Alamanos, even Zygi, with the help of the civil defence and the use of drones, in an effort to locate either evidence or where Angelos Perikleous could be located.”

He added that these investigations are continuing, and every effort must be exhausted to check this entire area based on the signal last emitted by Perikleous’ phone.

“At the same time, investigations are also being carried out, where some other evidence was found and we will have to check this whole area bit by bit, in an effort to find anything related to the case,” he said.

Kyriacou added that the 25-year-old main suspect continues to maintain his right to remain silent and not to answer the questions, while he indicated that, from the testimonies, there is no specific spot where he allegedly shot and buried the 31-year-old.

Commenting on remands for two other suspects, the 71-year-old uncle of the main suspect, and another 38-year-old, Kyriacou said police would seek the renewal of their remands.

He added that the suspects had been cooperative.

According to statements made by Kyriacou a few days ago, the 25-year-old allegedly woke his uncle up and pointing the gun at him, told him to help him burn Perikleous’ car.

The burnt-out vehicle was later found at a shooting range in Paliometocho, Nicosia.

The suspect allegedly detailed to his uncle how the killing took place, including having shot the victim multiple times, everything preceding the crime, and how evidence was destroyed.

The suspect’s mother was also charged with complicity but was released pending further investigation.