The uncle of the man suspected of killing 31-year-old Andreas Perikleous will lead police to possible burial sites, authorities said on Sunday.

A Limassol court renewed the remand of the 71-year-old for another three days, as he agreed to point officers to areas he visited with his nephew while he was planning the murder.

Meanwhile, the court renewed the remand of another suspect related to the crime, a 38-year-old man.

So far, police investigations failed to discover the body of the Limassol man, who disappeared on April 22 after he allegedly met with the 24-year-old hacker. Search operations focus in Zygi and Tochni where Perikleous’ phone last emitted a phone signal.

The young man, who was initially arrested on attempted premediated murder charges, was re-arrested in Limassol on Tuesday for the premeditated murder after his uncle told police he confessed the crime to him.

The nephew allegedly woke his uncle up on April 21 and pointing the gun at him, told him to help him burn Perikleous’ car.

The vehicle was later found at a shooting range in Paliometocho, Nicosia.

The 24-year-old allegedly detailed to his uncle how the killing took place, everything which preceded it and how evidence was destroyed.

He is also facing charges in connection with car arson, conspiring to commit a crime, illegal possession of a gun and illegal possession and transportation of bullets.

Police also secured another witness against the 24-year-old telling someone he was planning to kill Perikleous as they had personal and financial differences.

The suspect had recently reported that in two different instances, the 31-year-old attacked him. In one of the two, Perikleous had allegedly robbed him of a €40,000 watch and €110,000.

Officers have obtained evidence such as half-charred clothes that Perikleous was wearing between April 20 and 21.

The 24-year-old is not responding to any police questions, court heard.