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While the slow transaction speed of Bitcoin (BTC) may deter some users, DigiToads (TOADS) presale experiences a spike in demand growth


Bitcoin remains the market leader in crypto, but are new investors wasting their money on outdated crypto technology that simply doesn’t cut it in 2023? BTC will always make the headlines, but a coin created in 2009 might not meet the demands of the current defi token world. While nobody is saying BTC will disappear, its massive surges in price might be a thing of the past as more savvy investors look for better opportunities with tokens that are faster, more rewarding, and better placed for the future of digital finance. That’s why tokens like DigiToads are surging in popularity straight out of the gates, leading many top 5 cryptocurrency charts. 

Here’s why now might be the perfect time to invest:

DigiToads (TOADS)

DigiToads offers investors not just multiple ways to earn but also tons of ways to have fun. That’s because the creators of this memecoin star have come up with an incredibly compelling ecosystem that’s fun, rewarding, and ready for long-term growth. With your own TOADS companions, you can battle it out in the digital swamp arena to compete for regular TOADS token rewards. These can be used to make your TOADS even stronger or withdrawn and exchanged for other cryptos to help boost your portfolio of investments. Some savvy onlookers think the market hasn’t seen this kind of memecoin potential since Doge and Shib in 2021, but TOADS also has strong fundamentals to solidify its status as the best memecoin crypto we’ve arguably ever seen.

And that isn’t the only way you can profit with DigiToads. The platform also offers a unique way to stake trending NFTs for residual passive income, backed by the ecosystem’s small sales tax on transactions to provide ample funds for payouts. Demand for TOADS has been surging recently, with $3million in sales already raised in its staggered presale journey. This presale will increase prices even higher, more than doubling your money before launch if you invest right now. With all these ways to earn, and the chance to actually have fun while you invest, TOADS sets itself apart from much of the altcoin competition and is arguably the best investment option seen in the crypto world for some time.

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Bitcoin (BTC)

BTC remains the biggest token in crypto, and is often the first place newcomers look when they arrive on the scene. But some argue there are better beginner cryptocurrency options out there, especially as BTC has struggled recently because of slow transaction speeds and other issues. Remember, past performance isn’t an indication of the future, and just because BTC has reached highs of $60k, that doesn’t mean it will again any time soon. Other options like TOADS have faster transaction speeds, better passive income opportunities, more ways to earn, and more room for growth.


If you’re tired of the slow transaction speeds and stagnant growth of industry stalwarts like Bitcoin, you might want to look elsewhere. And the TOADS presale is already welcoming tons of new investors every week as it has raised over $ 3.1 million in sales and counting. It has everything new investors could want in a crypto investment, and its sights are firmly set on the stratosphere. Invest immediately if you want to be part of its highly profitable journey.

For more Information on DigiToads visit the website, join the presale or join the community for regular updates.


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