A minor flare-up of the large fire that broke out in Tochni on Wednesday was brought under control on Thursday morning, according to fire service spokesperson Andreas Kettis.

Speaking to the Cyprus News Agency, Kettis said the fire service dispatched two helicopters to the area to tackle a small blaze, to avoid further severe incidents.

“However, due to the presence of strong winds, firefighting forces will remain in the area to monitor and control a potential reignition of the fire,” the spokesperson said.

On Wednesday, a 51-year-old man was arrested by police following an investigation into the causes of the large fire. He was remanded on Thursday for four days.

Kettis told state broadcaster CyBC that the fire extinction effort carried out at significant cost to the state and that the situation could have been far worse had the winds changed direction.

According to the police, workers constructing metal fencing using electric tools in the area were responsible for the fire.

The blaze was reported to have begun just after 2pm and was brought under control over five hours later, around 7:20 pm, while the entire forestry department force had been called to the scene.

In total, an area of about 1.5 square kilometres of dry grasslands were burned.

A total of 90 firefighters, three helicopters, two firefighting aircraft, 16 large vehicles from the fire service and small fire engines from the surrounding communities of Vavla, Lageia and Chorikoitia, as well as volunteers, participated in the effort to safeguard home and extinguish the fire.

“Firefighters stayed at the scene through the night to secure the fire’s perimeter and contain potential flare-ups, Kettis said.

Police meanwhile are continuing investigations.