The government on Thursday appeared to be scurrying over advisor appointments that have been the butt of a series of scandals.

Citing government sources, the Cyprus News Agency reported ministers and deputy ministers were scrawling through their advisors to see if they fulfil seven criteria required for advisor-role appointments.

These criteria are set to be included in the legislation currently being prepared, CNA said.

Should any cabinet members have advisors that do not fulfil the criteria, their cooperation will be terminated, the government sources were quoted as saying.

According to CNA, the criteria are the same for parliamentary advisors but the legislative framework will not be identical.

The rumours emerged after the latest scandal at the deputy culture ministry. The ministry denied it had hired a woman with a criminal record, however it had failed to realise they had previously sent documents to media listing her as a media contact at the deputy ministry.

According to reports, the woman was recently handed a suspended prison sentence in relation to a case of forged concert tickets.

The criteria for parliamentary advisors are:

  • An individual is a citizen of Cyprus or of another EU member state whose permanent residency is in the Republic.
  • Is 21 years of age.
  • Has a university-level degree recognised in Cyprus
  • Has a clear criminal record
  • If male, has completed their military service or been legally excused from them
  • Not have any blood relation or first-degree relation with an MP or representative
  • Not have been previously fired over a disciplinary offence