Five young teens were called in for questioning on Monday after police and firefighters uncovered arson attacks across high schools in Limassol.

It is understood that the vandalism centred around setting or attempting to set fires last Friday – the last day for secondary schools – at three different locations.

Limassol police deputy press officer Marinos Vasiliou, explained that the first incident occurred at the Agia Fylas secondary school.

He stated that a group of 40 teens, wearing face coverings and hoodies, were seen holding smoke bombs outside the school. Some then entered the grounds and piled up tyres and traffic cones with the intent of setting them on fire, but the group fled when officers and firefighters arrived.

Shortly afterwards, however, one of the tyres was set on fire with police securing a statement against the suspect – a 14-year-old – who was then brought in for questioning, in the presence of a lawyer, his parents, and a welfare officer.

The second incident occurred at the Zakaki secondary school and was much the same, but this time the group failed to set the pile of assorted items on fire.

The final incident was recorded at Kalogeropoulou secondary school in which perpetrators set fire to a bin which had tyres and rubbish inside. The fire was soon extinguished while Limassol police arrested four young teens. They are students aged 14 to 15-years-old who were also taken in for questioning on Monday.