More English-language study programmes will soon be offered by the Cyprus University of Technology (Tepak).

The move is within the framework of the European University Alliance EUt+, in which it participates together with seven other universities.

Tepak Rector Professor Panagiotis Zafiris made the announcement to told MPs on the House education committee discussing public universities offering English-language undergraduate programmes.

“Although the topic of discussion was not completed [on Wednesday] and will be revisited at a future meeting of the committee, we are fully satisfied with the position taken by the President of the Quality Assurance and Accreditation Body for Higher Education, Professor Emeritus, Professor Mary Koutselinis, that foreign language programmes offered through the European University Alliances are covered by the existing framework and can proceed”.

Based on this, the rector said “we will complete the preparation of English-language undergraduate programmes in collaboration with our EUt+ allies”.