Larnaca municipality on Thursday called on the state health services organisation (Okypy) to stick to its schedule regarding moving services from the old Larnaca hospital to the new wings of the city’s general hospital.

In their announcement, the municipality said that on June 9 they will protest over delays they have noticed on the issue on the part of Okypy.

“We are following with displeasure the developments regarding the implementation of the decision of the cabinet dated September 15, 2020, which clearly instructed Okypy to transfer its services from the Old Larnaca Hospital to the 2nd floor of the new wing of the Larnaca General Hospital. However, while the relevant funds have been available until now, no action was taken,” they said.

According to the municipality, this action affects and delays the relocation procedures of the municipal services to the old hospital of the city.

The municipality, as mentioned in the announcement, was ready to proceed, from March 2023, with a call for tenders for the execution of the specific project, which is also the wish of the citizens of Larnaca, since it is of vital importance to facilitate their access to the services.

Commenting further, the municipality said that studies on the buildings have already been completed, and that the delay on the part of Okypy has created a price increase in the new construction that must be done.

The municipality said that because of these delays on June 9 they will hold a protest outside the old Larnaca hospital at 5pm, and they invited everyone to join.

Measures will escalate the municipality said if Okypy does not stick to the timeframes set out, they added.

“The municipality has shown seriousness and respect for the procedures of Okypy, but it cannot continue to remain apathetic to the detriment of the people’s interests,” the statement said.