Relationships between fathers and sons can be complicated things, but Jack Whitehall’s: Travels With My Father highlights the funny side in heart-warming trips around the world shared by the two.

It is uplifting too to see their relationship and laugh at the generational gap.

The show, available on Netflix, has multiple seasons, taking Whitehall around the world with his elderly father, who had previously rarely left the UK, and relaying the sometimes silly and awkward situations they encounter on the way.

In the first season, Jack and his father travel around Asia, following a traditional British gap year route, stopping in Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia.

Some of the best moments were when they were in Thailand, and they visit a shop where they sell Luk Thep dolls, ones that look very realistic, buying one that Michael names Winston. This doll then goes with them on all their subsequent journeys.

Another funny moment on this trip is at Siem Reap in Cambodia where Jack and Michael visit a shadow puppet theatre performance, and then participate in a story where Michael narrates The Dam Busters and Jack works the puppets.

Jack’s father is a very traditional British man, and this theme carries through the show, with him being unwilling to try various things, including foods and experiences. However, it is always done in a comedic manner.

These highlights might not sound dramatic but I found the interactions between the two, the peg of the show of course, comedic. The most enjoyable part of their dynamic is watching a very traditional British gentleman come to grips with the younger generation of Britons, who are more relaxed, and not as interested in self-appearance and wanting to live life.

This is a show that is great to just kick back with on an afternoon, and laugh for a few hours, especially when you want to relax.