The upgraded playground of the public Limassol garden combines nature and entertainment, the municipality said on Tuesday.

Families with children attended the inauguration of the fully upgraded playground on Tuesday.

Limassol Mayor Nicos Nikolaides said the place is where nature meets children’s joy. “The playground best reflects the municipality’s commitment to the younger generations to create spaces that are vibrant and inclusive for all,” he said.

According to the municipality’s press release, the upgraded public playground is located around a pre-existing, renovated oasis and includes a rest area as well as state-of-the-art toys, most of which are designed for use by children of all abilities.

It is designed to encourage physical activity, social interaction and mental practice. The toys include a shipwreck, a miniature of Limassol harbour, a planetarium, climbing tables, swings, slides, as well as a specialised area for toddlers. There is also an interactive dance game called Yalp Sona.

“Each piece of equipment contributes to a specific mythical thematic narrative, creating a sense of magic in the play experience,” the statement noted, adding that its design and safety measures are in line with the standards set by the European Union.

The creation of the playground, which will be managed by the Limassol Municipality, was made possible thanks to the donation of the investment company Midbrain.