Larnaca municipality engaged in a cleanup operation on Monday over the contentious Pampoulas industrial area, where three shacks deemed to be dangerous are set to be demolished.

The area has been a bone of contention for the municipal council, with Pampoulas falling under the jurisdiction of the energy ministry.

It poses “serious pollution problems, to a degree where they are dangerous to public health and safety,” a municipal press release said.

At least three times a year, the municipality cuts wild vegetation and cleans the side channel, trying to constantly remove any rubbish and keep the area clean, it added.

The three shacks set to be demolished were abandoned by the owner, and became a source of vandalism and arson attacks, the municipality specified.

So far, the procedure to call for tender is being prepared and is set to be ready in about a month. At the same time, tenders to remove flooring in the buildings that have already been demolished are also being prepared.

The municipality stressed the condition of the area is “unacceptable” exacerbated by how it is in the city centre.