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Air traffic controllers call for changes to airport concessions

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File photo: Larnaca airport

The air traffic controllers union (Paseek) on Wednesday called on the government to ensure terminal fees are included in the upcoming airport concession agreements.

It also said provisions should be put in place that can put an end to labour issues and upgrade airport security.

Specifically, the number of people and individuals that enter controlled areas need to be drastically reduced, along with decongesting control points, Paseek said.

The union specified it has championed implementing a terminal fee at the airport for over 10 years, to cover the cost of providing air navigation services, which includes air traffic control and technological infrastructure of wireless, radar and radio aids for communication, surveillance and aircraft guidance.

Every year, taxpayers contribute some €8 million to operate these services. Rather than have the public bear the brunt of this cost, it should be the airlines, Paseek added.

According to the union, the position of every transport ministry has been that the airport management’s charges are very high and adding terminal fees would further increase the cost of airline companies thus negatively impacting tourism.

“Not implementing a terminal fee allows the management company to have higher airport fees and by extension, a larger profit margin.”

Paseek charged there are also a series of outstanding issues, including the construction of a helipad at Larnaca airport and a rapid exit taxiway in corridor four of the airport.

“Its absence causes capacity problems, such as a lower number of aircraft that can land and take off per hour, while it also reduces safety levels, especially when in conditions of low visibility or slippery conditions due to rain when aircraft are delayed from exiting the runway so that they are available for the next take-off or landing.”

The union said the exact same problem exists in Paphos airport.


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