The Green party on Wednesday condemned inaction from authorities that lead to a man and his friends killing an ox near the centre at Drymou village.

According to the party, the owner of the ox had been reported for not having the suitable space for his four oxen, thus violating existing legislation.

Nothing had apparently been done over this, and last week, the animal party reported the man had killed one of his oxen near the village centre with the help of some friends.

The remains were left out in public.

“It appears that there was a clear violation of the legislation, as the animal was not stunned, resulting in unbearable pain, agony and suffering. Slaughter should be done in approved slaughterhouses,” rather than out in the street, the Green party said.

Both police and veterinary services have been informed over the incident, while the party urged for an investigation for the fate of the remaining oxen and a number of dogs the man is known to have.