A Paphos couple was over the moon on Friday having managed to be reunited with their beloved pet dog Rosy following the offer of a €2,500 reward for her return.

Sven Rubenbauer and his partner Andreas, residents of Chlorakas, lost their dog on Monday near Adonis Beach Villas when she was scared off by a large, unleashed dog roaming the area.

Sven asked for help from the complex’s security guard, who checked CCTV footage that showed the three-month-old toy poodle running off and disappearing.

The owners enlisted the help of friends who combed the area, including neighbouring villages, for three days and four nights.

“We put up signs and called for her all morning, afternoon and night every day,” a friend of the couple, Mariana Somensi, told Cyprus Mail.

“Around 5pm yesterday, two French tourists called, saying they had seen a dog like her near Tala, along the road to Adonis Baths. Strangely, they said the dog was wearing a red collar – which Rosy does have – but she didn’t have the collar on when she was lost.”

Later on Thursday evening, the couple received another call from a family saying they had found the dog near Saint George Church in Chlorakas. The family brought the dog to the owners’ house.

“Parts of her fur had been badly groomed, and she smelled strongly of cigarettes. We took her to the vet to check her microchip before paying the reward to the family.”

Rosy was indeed wearing a red collar when she was found. Sven and Andreas believe someone intentionally put the red collar on her before releasing her back to the street so that she would be more easily identified.