The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) is expected to decide on Friday on an appeal filed by Kurdish activist Kenan Ayaz’s lawyer, who argued that a medical evaluation must first show that Ayaz is fit to fly.

Ayaz is set to be extradited to Germany later in the day.

He was arrested in March on a European warrant issued by Germany, which is seeking his extradition on terrorism charges.

But his extradition has already been postponed once after Ayaz carried out a 15-day hunger strike, meaning he was unable to travel.

Ombudswoman Maria Stylianou-Lottides said the fit to fly ruling is in line with rulings from the ECHR.

Speaking to the Cyprus Mail, Ayaz’s lawyer warned on Thursday that his client’s health is at serious risk, and this would be greatly exacerbated if he is extradited to Germany, where he will be placed in a high-security prison.

The lawyer also told media that he has written to the ECHR about his client’s right to be examined by a physician of his own choice.

In the letter, the lawyer argues that Cypriot authorities’ refusal to permit this constitutes a violation of his client’s rights.

Reports said the ECHR could respond to the lawyer’s letter within 24 hours.

Lottides issued a statement on Thursday which explained that Ayaz has the right to undergo a medical review from a doctor of his choice. Lottides added that Frontex’s code of conduct states that those being extradited must be fit to travel, noting that a person with known health conditions or who requires medical assistance must be evaluated by a doctor.